About Chai Partners

Did you know that Chabad of Mill Valley receives NO funding from Chabad headquarters in NY or any other outside funding?

Chabad of Mill Valley Chai Partners make a special commitment to inspiring the future of Jewish life in Marin by providing steady, reliable core funding Chabad.

Thanks to your monthly pledge, we know we will have the funds when needed to respond to a call from a local rehab for a young, lonely person in recovery needing reassurance from a rabbi, or a local family wanting the rabbi to visit to discuss personal issues.

The dedication and generosity of Chai Partner supporters have made it possible for Chabad of Mill Valley to:

  • Visit seniors at assisted living or retirement communities.
  • Share Jewish learning and teaching with those who can’t afford to learn it otherwise.
  • Give children scholarships so financial hardship doesn’t stop them from learning about their heritage.
  • Create a safe place for people to explore their Jewish heritage without being judged for lack of practice.

By becoming a Chai partner, your support ensures our ability to focus on inspiring you and others, without interruption.

Plus, you’ll never need to write another check or send in another renewal—and you will help us save money on administrative fees, so even more of your gift goes to help right away.

Your gifts will have a big impact. $72 a month is a great investment in a Jewish future!

Online enrollment takes just moments/.Please become a Chai Partner today, at www.jewishmillvalley.com or return  this form at your earliest convenience.

Becoming a Chai Partner is as easy as 1 2 3 and is a convenient and efficient way to make your support of the Jewish community go further.

  1. Decide on the amount you’d like to contribute
  2. Fill out the Chai Partner  Sign Up Form –  PDF  following the instructions for your chosen payment method, and return it to Chabad of Mill Valley 355 Starling Rd,  Mill Valley, CA 94941.
  3. Sit back and relax, knowing you are inspiring a community and making a difference in the future of Jewish life in Marin. The monthly gift you select will automatically be contributed to Chabad of Mill Valley through your credit card or checking account (like an automatic check), on the first of the month.

Our goal is to have over 1/3 of our fiscal budget funding coming from generous Chai Partners like you who have made it possible for Chabad to inspire.

Will you show your support for an inspired Jewish future?

It’s incredible that for less money than buying a sandwich and a cup of coffee each day, you can inspire a Jewish child to love their heritage!

Thank you for joining as a Chai Partner today.

Please become a Chai Partner today, by clicking here