I am very excited to share that this coming Sunday March 6th at 8:00pm I will be leading a ‘Farbrengen’.

Farbrengen (fɑ:r-breɪng-ɪn) n. 1. Yiddish for “spending time together.” 2. an informal, inspirational chassidic gathering where words of Torah are shared and melodies are sung over refreshments and spirits. Also called hitvaadut or hisvaadus in Hebrew.
An awesome opportunity to schmooze, share, discuss anything and everything!

If you have attended these men’s farbrengens before, you know that they are uplifting, meaningful, and thought provoking!

Farbrengen even more special, we have everything you need delivered straight to your door!

Some whiskey for a L’chaim! Some South African style beef jerky, home made Hamantashen and more!

Rabbi Hillel