We both grew up in non observant homes and we were both touched by Chabad while on a

journey for something. Something more. Something Jewish. Something meaningful.

We journeyed through days and nights of questions, discussions, wonderings and wanderings.

We valued our time learning. And living what we had learned.

When we got married, we shared  a vision and dream together.

Our dream would be, to give back to a community, in the same way we were touched by community.

We would dedicate our lives to the Lubavitcher Rebbe who had a global vision and who implemented that global vision.  Who inspired us and inspires us daily.

We would create meaningful, non judgmental opportunities of connection, just like we had when we met Chabad, many moons ago.

We welcome you to share in our dream.Right here, at Chabad.

Rabbi Hillel and Chana Scop